Book Overview



Are you tired of not living the life you truly want? Not feeling happy or fulfilled? Not living a life filled with purpose, passion and meaning? Are you interested in understanding WHY your life is the way it is? WHY, no matter what you have tried in the past, nothing really worked? WHY you couldn’t step out of your Comfort Zone? Most important- do you want to know HOW you can change that? Then this book for you! Creating Change will take you on a journey through your own conscious and sub-conscious mind, your unique kind of intelligence, your habits and limiting beliefs. You will become aware of some scientific facts about your brain, how it works and why it functions the way it does. You will learn certain methods and tools to make your brain work for you instead of against you by, among others, eliminate limiting beliefs and non-supportive habits, and how to re-program your programmed mind so you can reduce the level of stress, fear and self- judgment and by that enable yourself to find your true passion and purpose, enlarge and expand the level of (self) love and acceptance, health and joy. Creating Change offers an all-round step by step program that covers a wide range of crucial information which will support and help you create the reality you desire and deserve.